Redirection issues (HTTP Referer)

Depending on its configuration and installed plugins, the browser may remove or alter (spoof) HTTP referers, thus preventing Shaarli from properly redirecting between pages.


Firefox HTTP Referer options

HTTP settings are available by browsing about:config, here are the available settings and their values.

network.http.sendRefererHeader - determines when to send the Referer HTTP header

network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy - Cross-domain origin policy

network.http.referer.spoofSource - Referer spoofing (~faking)

network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy - trim the URI not to send a full Referer

Firefox, localhost and redirections

localhost is not a proper Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN); if Firefox has been set up to spoof referers, or anly accept requests from the same base domain/host, Shaarli redirections will not work properly.

To solve this, assign a local domain to your host, e.g. localhost desktop localhost.lan
::1       localhost desktop localhost.lan

and browse Shaarli at http://localhost.lan/.

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I forgot my password!

Delete the file data/config.php and display the page again. You will be asked for a new login/password.

I'm locked out - Login bruteforce protection

Login form is protected against brute force attacks: 4 failed logins will ban the IP address from login for 30 minutes. Banned IPs can still browse links.

To remove the current IP bans, delete the file data/ipbans.php

List of all login attempts

The file data/log.txt shows all logins (successful or failed) and bans/lifted bans.
Search for failed in this file to look for unauthorized login attempts.

Hosting problems

Old PHP versions

<IfDefine Free>
php56 1
//list($status,$headers,$data) = getHTTP($url,4); // Short timeout to keep the application responsive.
// FIXME: Decode charset according to charset specified in either 1) HTTP response headers or 2) <head> in html 
//if (strpos($status,'200 OK')) $title=html_extract_title($data);

Dates are not properly formatted

Shaarli tries to sniff the language of the browser (using HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE headers) and choose a date format accordingly. But Shaarli can only use the date formats (and more generaly speaking, the locales) provided by the webserver. So even if you have a browser in French, you may end up with dates in US format (it's the case on :-( )

Problems on CentOS servers

On CentOS/RedHat derivatives, you may need to install the php-mbstring package.

My session expires! I can't stay logged in

This can be caused by several things:

Sessions do not seem to work correctly on your server

Follow the instructions in the error message. Make sure you are accessing shaarli via a direct IP address or a proper hostname. If you have no dots in the hostname (e.g. localhost or http://my-webserver/shaarli/), some browsers will not store cookies at all (this respects the HTTP cookie specification).

pubsubhubbub support

Download publisher.php at the root of your Shaarli installation and set $GLOBALS['config'['PUBSUBHUB_URL'] in your config.php]('PUBSUBHUB_URL']-in-your-config.php`.html)